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Sanctuary/Heritage Choir

Our Mission

To train, develop and nurture choir members, worship leaders, and musicians in order to facilitate a corporate worship experience that encourages congregational participation through singing uplifting word-focused songs of praise and worship to our Lord and Savior.

Meet Our Choir Director, Marcus Singleton

Marcus Singleton is a musician with a host of talents that involve playing several instruments with a primary emphasis on the keys. His repertoire includes but is not limited to producing, songwriting, composing, and teaching. Singleton hails from Rome, Georgia and made his move to Atlanta in 2005. His yearning to do music full time came to fruition in 2012 as he was given the opportunity to branch out and make moves of his own. In 2018, he became the founder of Marcus Music Inc. LLC which is the umbrella business of all the various avenues in which he is involved.


As a musical director Marcus garners praise from the various artists and platforms he has been honored to be invited to. Singleton is fascinated by all facets of music but has always kept roots in gospel and playing for the Lord. His debut of playing and being invited to play for churches started at the tender age of 14 from which a sense of leadership was instilled in him.


Marcus Singleton has been featured on a vast number of projects involving live engagements, album recordings, plays, short films, jingles, and commercials. After several years in this industry his hard work became evident as he has been the recipient of several awards, recognitions, and honors. Singleton’s love for music is his gift from the God and he seeks to make an imprint wherever he goes!

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