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Servitude Ministries

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Evangelism Ministry

The mission of the Love Center Outreach Ministry is to reach out to people in the local community of East Point and surrounding metro Atlanta. ​

This is accomplished in many ways, in our services, through our media ministries, and our community outreaches.


Common Grounds Cafe

Common Grounds Bookstore and Café is a place where individuals, families, and communities can connect.  We are committed to providing excellent resources that will strengthen your faith, reinforce your daily devotion and promote your spiritual growth.  It is a place of where everyone is welcomed and where we give our very best with dignity, respect, and love.

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Love Revealed Ministry

Love Revealed Ministry is an extension of our church which demonstrates the heart of our Pastor. We serve as the caregiving unit of the church when members have a need of home or hospital visitations, prayer, or support during illness or family loss. ​

If your gifts to the body of Christ include: Prayer, Encouragement, Listening, and just being there, we have a place for you!



The Hostess Ministry is part of the ministry of helps.  It is vitally important that each member of the Hostess Ministry Team understands her individual role and incorporates it with the vision God has given Pastor Garmon.  ​

We will serve in excellence by upholding and executing all objectives and guidelines to the glory of God.



The Ushers of Word of Faith Love Center work to provide an atmosphere of worship by maintaining order within the facilities and the grounds.  ​

We serve to give assistance to every member and every ministry during worship services and special events.

Nurse and Patient

Healing Hands Nursing

The Nursing Ministry seeks to provide care and medical assistance during Sunday worship where it is needed.  Each member of this ministry is trained and qualified with the proper licensure and/or certification necessary to provide medical care if the situation warrants such.

Security Guard


Here at the Love Center the security and safety of each member is important.  Therefore, Security seeks to provide a safe loving environment where members and visitors can come and feel safe from hurt, harm and danger.

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Loving Hands

The Loving Hands Ministry is a dynamic team of volunteers that serve tirelessly in the hospitality (culinary services and décor) arena of Word of Faith Love Center.   ​

In addition, the ministry provides assistance with special projects such as the Church Picnic and Thanksgiving Day Baskets.

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