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I am in pursuit of God’s plan for my life, His presence in my life, and the purpose for my life. 

I am fearlessly in pursuit of what sets my soul on fire and stay focused on what God has requested of me. 

I am relentlessly in pursuit of excellence; steadfast and unmovable, strategic, stable, and committed. 

Average is my enemy. 
Mediocrity is not an option and remaining 
Stagnant is over. 

I’m moving forward with gratitude for what God has given, what He has planned, and that which I shall possess. 

I am in pursuit of Godly wisdom with an understanding that promotes measurable progress in a reasonable time. 

I am striving to push beyond my past and will not stop pursuing my dreams. 

I am chasing, tracking, and intently pursuing the things of God. 

My pursuit will produce and provide the desired results and expected end. 

I am confident and certain of my pursuit. I will be healed, delivered, saved, and set free,

in the name of Jesus.

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