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You are young men learning obedience, structure, stability, support, sacrifice, and integrity.  All Empowered young men will learn what it means to be decent and in order.  You will be required to become obedient with your tongue, your time, and your talents.  Along with the help God, our job is to prepare and empower you to recognize and overcome the difficult and challenging obstacles that you will encounter in life.  You will be guided with our love, our experience, our discipline, our time, our talents and our patience.  It will be your responsibility to listen, learn, and lean towards the lessons that we will teach and model before you as we walk together.  We believe in you and will support all of your positive efforts. However, we will also teach you how to redirect any negative attributes and turn them into positive traits.  We are committed to helping you mature and grow into strong men after Gods’ own heart.  Mentorship is now and will forever be a part of your future and thus ensures that you will become great men ready for any task because you will have walked as a mentee and learned how to lead and empower other young men.  Welcome to your first steps leading you towards empowerment and adulthood.

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