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Worship & Arts Ministries

Audio Mixing Controller

Audio Ministry

The Audio Ministry strives to deliver quality sound for all ministry events for Word of Faith Love Center.  ​
Whether it is a Sunday Morning Worship Service, wedding reception or church picnic, we are there ensuring that the important moments can be heard and appreciated

Video Editing Keyboard

Video Ministry

This Video Ministry provides visual imagery that captures and enhances the worship experience here at Word of Faith Love Center.  ​
We endeavor to provide images that complement and illustrate the ministry of the spoken word as well as record each service that it can be replayed in the future to ensure that the truth of the message is never lost.

Gospel Choir

Sanctuary Choir

OUR PURPOSE: To serve as a vehicle that ushers in the presence of God in the spirit of excellence. In doing so, we will draw all towards our Sovereign God, united as one, resulting in His spirit moving freely to heal and deliver.​

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Speak Easy 4 Christ

OUR PURPOSE: To lead individuals into the presence of God by mirroring the issues of life and offering a Godly solution according to His word. We purpose to enhance and enrich the worship experience.


Wings of Fire

OUR PURPOSE: To share the good news of God’s Word through dance within and beyond the four walls of the church. To intercede and aid in setting the atmosphere wherever we are called to minister; as it is our desire to be a conduit of God’s love to His people.



OUR MISSION: To ensure our facility remains pleasing and welcoming for all who enter.


OUR PURPOSE: To maintain the appearance of our house of prayer and ensure it is conducive to worship.


Team Set

OUR MISSION: Our mission is to facilitate and execute celebrations, retreats, gatherings, and events that are memorable and unforgettable. We endeavor to maintain a high level of excellence.


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