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Happy Children
Kidz Finding God
Kidz Finding God is a worship service designed especially for children ages 7-12 yrs. The mission of Kidz Finding God is to LOVE.

Lead each child into an intimate relationship with Jesus Christ.

Offering him/her an opportunity to learn Bible truths in an atmosphere that is fun, creative and memorable.

Varying our methods of teaching to capture the interests and learning needs of each child.

Encouraging Spiritual growth and development through prayer, praise, worship and fellowship.


Welcome to Kidz Connection. I’m happy you’re connecting with us. June is the month we celebrate Fathers. We celebrate all those who love and care for us as Fathers, Grandfathers, Godfathers, Uncles and Father figures. Father God is our best example of a Father. He instructs us in the Bible to honor our parents. Pastor Garmon is our best example of a Spiritual Father. He instructs us how to love and honor God. We hope you enjoy this month’s activities and grow closer to God and your Dad. Love & Hugs.

Ms. Judy

Memory Verse
The good person who lives an honest life is a blessing to his children. (Proverbs 20:7 ICB)

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We celebrate you as you grow older,

wiser and closer to Jesus Christ



  1. Why did the kids give their Father a blanket for Father’s Day? (Ans.) Because they thought he was the coolest Dad.

  2. What did the cheerleader serve her Dad for breakfast? (Ans.) Cheerios

  3. Where did the Cow Family take their Dad to celebrate Father’s Day? (Ans.) To the Moo-vies.

  4. How did the Panda Dad open his Father’s Day card? (Ans.) With his bear hands. 

  5. What did the digital clock say to his Father? (Ans.) Look Dad no hands.

Family Fun


Grab your apron and a spatula. Surprise Dad with a tasty Father’s Day breakfast he won’t forget!

Great Family Videos to watch

A Life & Seth Situation RightNow Media

Highlighting the importance of Honoring your Father and Mother. RightNow Media Kids :: Streaming Biblical Videos : A Life And Seth Situation - Commandments 5 & 6 : Tyndale House


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